Ghusa or Zid Khatam Krne Ke Liye Wazifa to regulate Anger ,” Ghusa bohat buri cheez hai aur yeh insan knockout bohat zyada nuksan mein dalsakta hai. Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence tarah zid kerna bhi ek bohat buri adat hai jis se humari shakhsiyat khrab hojati hai. Ghusay aur zid knockout zabt kerna bohat bahaduri Hindu deity kaam hota hai aur jo bhi yeh karta hai uska mustakbil bohat sawar jata hai aur woh khush rehta hai. Ghusay aur zid knockout kaabu kernay k liye apko yeh wazifah parhna chahiye

Sipara no: seven Surat-ul-Ambiya ayat no: sixty nine knockout kasrat se parhiye

Wazifa to regulate Anger In English

Anger is actually unhealthy for US and it will cause US several issues. Similarly, persistence is additionally a very unhealthy habit and it will ruin our temperament. dominant anger and persistence could be a extremely brave act and whoever will that produces a bright future and lives harmonical. so as to regulate your anger and persistence, you ought to recite the subsequent verses

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