Shohar Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ki Dua In Hindi

Shohar Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ki Dua In Hindi , ” agar kisi wajah se miya biwi me narazgi paida ho jaen to dono me se koi ek ya jo bhi en dono ki sulah w aapsi muhabbat chahta ho wo lagatar 5 din tak kisi bhi mitthi chiz maslan,chayi,sarbat koi mithayi ho uspay 11-11 durood e pak ok sath 20 martba

For all the ones loving brothers and sisters with their guide has carried out the higher scores ALHAMDULILLAH. i am honestly very thankful in most cases to ALLAH Zille Shanahu and to HIS cherished Messenger Muh’ammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam and then to the site visitors who continues journeying every day with none absence. Their consistent interactions with me gave me a excessive morale to paintings hard every 2d. Now, I hardly gets time for my personal lifestyles but i’m glad that i’m contributing at least some thing within the way of ALLAH Zille Shanahu.

Shohar ki mohabbat hasil karne ok liye ta husool e maqsad awal aakhir eleven eleven martaba Durood Sharif okay sath rozana 1250 martaba Al Kabeer parhein or pani par dam kar okay pilayen.

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